Pixel Heroes

Branding & Website design for retro gaming consoles.


Pixel Heroes is a vibrant, retro company selling their custom built arcade machines and gaming consoles. It was imperative to have a fun, colourful and retro brand, that was still current for today's market. Bright colours and unique graphics was the order, and that's what we delivered. As part of the project, our clients also required an ebay page to be designed along with an instruction manual.


As part of our research we always look at our clients competitors to ensure we deliver something entirely different, that will make them stand out from the crowd. There are few others in this niche area, and none doing it particularly well. We chose a combination of bright complimenting colours, with crisp and clean pixel styled graphical elements. We were also tasked with writing the content material which we kept friendly, fun and in keeping with the products being sold.

Website Design & Development

The project included various elements for multiple platforms and needs: Logo design, colour palette, graphical elements, typographic array, plus an informative ebay page.

Everything was created from scratch, focusing on an eye catching design that stood out from the rest of the market.

Pixel heroes Web Design
Logo Design


Pixel heroes Web Design
Pixel heroes Web Design
Pixel heroes Web Design


Pixel heroes Web Design

Ebay Page Design

For this particular project, our clients not only wanted a fully functional website designed and developed, they also required a matching ebay page to be designed and built. It was imperative to carry the brands direction across both avenues, maintaining a cohesive message.

Web Design

Custom Graphics


This fun project also required our talented designer to create a wide variety of graphical elements that would feature on the website and predominantly in the instruction manual that we also designed.

Instruction Manual